Time and space change is more wonderful! 2021 Hotelex Shanghai Post exhibition report released! Exhibitors and audience know better!

From March 29th to April 1st, 2021, the 30th Shanghai International Hotel and catering Expo was successfully held in Shanghai Puxi Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center.
At the same time, this exhibition is also one of the three business card activities sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism during the "14th five year plan" - an important part of the first Shanghai Tourism Expo, which has created a new milestone in the history of Catering Exhibition with a scale of 400000 square meters

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The organizer's 30 years of deep accumulation in the field of hotel and catering and the cooperation and support with partners are fully reflected in this exhibition. As the first hotel and Catering Exhibition in the industry in the spring of 2021, this exhibition has set a new record in terms of the categories of exhibits and the division of exhibition areas, the quantity / quality / evaluation of exhibitors and visitors, events, forums and summits, and the actual display effect, showing a satisfactory side, which undoubtedly inspired the confidence of the whole industry and market.
Hotelex Shanghai has integrated more than 300 reports from mainstream media (newspapers, videos, etc.) and more than 7000 reports from new media (websites, clients, forums, blog posts, microblogs, wechat, etc.)! From text, pictures, videos to live broadcast, all-round and multi angle publicity and display have played an effective role in promoting the brand and product exposure of exhibitors, as well as the promotion of popularity.
The exhibition received 211962 professional visitors and business negotiations, an increase of 33% over 2019. Among them, there are 2717 overseas visitors from 103 countries and regions.
The number of exhibitors was 2875, a significant increase of 12% over 2019, a new high. The exhibits on the exhibition site come from 116 countries and regions all over the world. The hotel and catering industry at home and abroad covers all aspects.Zhejiang Tiantai Jierong New Material Co., Ltd. also participated in the exhibition with the team. They brought their new products, including PLA corn fiber tea bag, PETC / PETD / nylon / non-woven triangle empty bag,Attracted numerous new and old customers to visit.

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Post time: Jun-17-2021