PET triangle empty Tea Bag

Short Description:


Mesh fabric


Heat sealing

Costomized hang tag

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic and safety,  Tasteless

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Size: 5.8*7cm/6.5*8cm
Length/roll: 125/170cm
Package: 6000pcs/roll, 6rolls/carton
Our standard width is 120mm,140mm and 160mm etc. But we can also cut the mesh into tea filter bag's width according to your request.


Filters for green tea, black tea, healthcare tea, rose tea,herb tea and herbal medicines.

Material Feature

1,Brewing three-dimensional triangle tea bag without filter, simple and fast.
2,The three-dimensional triangle tea bag allows consumers to enjoy the wonderful original tea and original brown
3,The tea leaves are completely beautifully bloomed in the triangular three-dimensional space, and the tea leaves are completely released.
4,Make full use of the original piece of tea, can brew many times, long bubble.
5,Ultrasonic seamless sealing to create a high quality tea bag image.Because of its transparency, it allows consumers to directly see the high-quality raw materials inside, without worrying about the inferior tea leaves.The triangular three-dimensional tea bag has a broader market prospect and is the choice to experience high quality tea.

Our Teabags

1,No toxic or harmful gases are produced when burned, and can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide.
2,No dissolution at the time of soaking, harmless to the human body and the environment.
3,It can soak the true flavor of the tea leaves.
4,Due to its excellent bag making and Shape retention, it is possible to make filter bags of various shapes.

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