The 4th China International Tea Expo held in Hangzhou

From May 21 to 25, the fourth China International Tea Expo was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
The five-day Tea Expo, with the theme of “tea and the world, shared development”, takes the overall promotion of Rural Revitalization as the main line, and takes the strengthening of tea brand and promotion of tea consumption as the core, comprehensively displays the development achievements, new varieties, new technologies and new business forms of China’s tea industry, with more than 1500 enterprises and more than 4000 purchasers participating. During the Tea Expo, there will be an exchange meeting on the appreciation of Chinese tea poetry, an International Summit Forum on tea in the West Lake and the main event of the 2021 international tea day in China, the Fourth Forum on the development of contemporary Chinese tea culture, and the 2021 tea Town Tourism Development Conference.
China is the hometown of tea. Tea is deeply integrated into Chinese life and has become an important carrier of inheriting Chinese culture. China International Cultural Communication Center, as an important window for the country’s foreign cultural exchange and dissemination, takes inheriting and disseminating the excellent traditional Chinese culture as its mission, promotes and promotes the tea culture to the world, and has repeatedly displayed the Chinese tea culture in UNESCO, especially in the cultural exchanges with other countries in the world, using tea as the medium, making friends through tea, making friends through tea, and promoting trade through tea, Chinese tea has become a friendly messenger and a new business card for cultural communication in the world. In the future, China International Cultural Communication Center will strengthen the communication and exchange of tea culture with other countries in the world, contribute to China’s tea culture going abroad, share with the world the beauty of China’s broad and profound tea culture, and convey to the world the peace concept of “peace guided by tea” of a thousand year old country, so as to make the ancient tea industry with a thousand year history forever fresh and fragrant.
China International Tea Expo is the top tea industry event in China. Since the first Tea Expo in 2017, the total number of participants has exceeded 400000, the number of professional purchasers has reached more than 9600, and 33000 tea products( including West Lake Longjing green tea、Wuyishan White Tea、jierong tea bag mateiral etc. )have been gathered. It has effectively promoted the docking of production and marketing, brand promotion and service exchange, with a total turnover of more than 13 billion yuan.

Post time: Jun-17-2021