Nylon triangle empty Tea Bag

Short Description:


Mesh fabric


Heat sealing

Costomized hang tag

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic and safety,  Tasteless

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Size: 5.8*7cm/6.5*8cm
Length/roll: 125/170cm
Package: 6000pcs/roll, 6rolls/carton
Our standard width is 120mm,140mm and 160mm etc. But we can also cut the mesh into tea filter bag's width according to your request.


Packing coffee, herb, seasoning, powder or tea leaf,etc.

Material Feature

Customized Label, the innovative design allows the label on the cup should not fall off. Tasteless and odorless food grade nylon material meets the international food sanitation standard, going through the high quality transparency heat resisting material can see all the real beautiful loose tea , it is the ordinary paper filter tea bag that cannot be compared with.

Our Teabags

1) Tasteless and odorless fine nylon fabrics conforming to food sanitation law standards,without any damage to human.
2) It have a very smooth surface,strong permeability,stable chemical and physical properties.
3) Achieve maximum extraction of taste and flavor from tea
4) No filter is needed when brewing a three-dimensional triangle bag, which is simple and fast;
5) The three-dimensional triangular tea bag can let consumers enjoy the wonderful original fragrance and original tea color of tea;
6) The three-dimensional triangular tea bag allows the tea leaves to bloom completely and beautifully in the triangular three-dimensional space, and also allows the complete release of the tea fragrance;
7) Make full use of the original tea leaves, which can be brewed many times;
8) Ultrasonic seamless sealing, shaping the image of teabag. Because of its transparency, consumers can directly see the raw materials inside without worrying about using low-quality tea in the tea bag. The triangular three-dimensional tea bag has a broader market prospect and is a choice for experiencing tea.

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